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On Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi’s entry in active politics, the politics scholars and thinkers are expressing their different opinions. Here we are trying to understand what are the common man’s opinion. Please answer all questians below. [cardoza_wp_poll id=3][cardoza_wp_poll id=4][cardoza_wp_poll id=5][cardoza_wp_poll id=6][cardoza_wp_poll id=7][cardoza_wp_poll id=8] To whom will you select as next Prime-MinisterRead More →

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  For the next prime minister post, there are two frontrunners one is Shree. Narendra Modi current prime minister and another is Shree. Rahul Gandhi president Indin National Congress. Of course, it may have happened some fluctuations in their popularity after the five state assembly election result. This poll is a smallRead More →