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Meghalaya is one of the 28 states of India located in the northeastern part of India. It is surrounded by the state of  Assam in the north and west. Mizoram in the south. Meghalaya shares an international border on the south and west side with Bangladesh.

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The total land area of the Meghalaya state is 22,429 square kilometers. As per the 2011 census data, there are 29,64,007 people living in a density of  132 people per square kilometer.

The capital of Meghalaya Shillong is located in the East Khasi Hill district. The state is divided into 11 geographical divisions called districts.

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Download Meghalaya Map

The names of districts are

  1. East Khasi Hills District
    Hqr: Shillong
  2. West Khasi Hills District
    Hqr: Nongstoin
  3. South West Khasi Hills District
    Hqr: Mawkyrwat
  4. Ri Bhoi District
    Hqr: Nongpoh
  5. West Jaintia Hills District
    Hqr: Jowai
  6. East Jaintia Hills District
    Hqr: Khliehriat
  7. East Garo Hills District
    Hqr: Williamnagar
  8. West Garo Hills District
    Hqr: Tura
  9. North Garo Hills District
    Hqr: Resubelpara
  10. South West Garo Hills District
    Hqr: Ampati
  11. South Garo Hills District
    Hqr: Baghmara


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