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The Fastag-based toll collection facility will start on 1 December 2019 on all toll plazas on the National Highways (NH). In such a situation, if a vehicle did not Fastag, the driver would pay double the toll for passing through the Fastag line.

However, there will also be a lane on the toll plaza where the normal toll will be charged from the un-tagged vehicles. It will have to spend a lot of time passing the toll.

What is Fastag?

The Government of India (Ministry of National Highways of India) has introduced a new toll-free scheme called Fastag for redressal of problems on toll plazas in India. It is an electronic toll-free system through which you will not have to stop paying toll on toll plaza, but will be automatically deducted from your savings account or your prepaid account with Fastag on your car.

It is usually a small, extremely thin electronic device. In size, it is half or even smaller than a credit card. It is affixed to the front mirror of the car. It has a chip, which records all information about that vehicle. The toll plaza is equipped with Fastag information gathering devices, which collect all the information of the vehicle as soon as the camera of that Fastag comes in front.

How does it work?

It is levied on the user’s vehicle and it works in such a way that when your vehicle leaves from a toll, the toll fee of your vehicle is collected online from your Fastag connected savings account or prepaid balance by the radio frequency identification (RFID) on the toll. And you do not have to stop at the toll plaza which will save you time.

How much does Fastag get?

 One-time joining fee –  Rs 200.

 Security deposit – Rs 200 to Rs 400 (for different vehicles).

Minimum balance –  100 rupees.

Where can I find Fastag?

Till December 1st it can be taken free from any National Highway toll plaza. Apart from this, it can be purchased from select branches of several banks. It is also available on many online websites like Paytm and  Amazon. There are also plans to sell it through petrol pumps.

Documents to purchase It

A passport size photo  of the owner of the car or whatever vehicle it is

RC or registration document of the vehicle

Your Aadhaar Card or PAN Card

Where can it be recharged?

It can be recharged by

Online bank account

Toll Plazas

And the branches of


Axis Bank

Syndicate Bank

State Bank of India (SBI Bank)

HDFC Bank (HDFC Bank)


Recharge plans are available for Fastag

500 for tractor / tractor trolley

500 for heavy construction machinery/earthmoving

Truck (for 3 axles and above) 500

Truck (for 2 axles) 400

400 for the bus/minibus

300 for light commercial vehicles (2 and 3 axles)

200 for car / jeep / van

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