How to remove tattoos at Home using


How to remove tattoos from your body?

Nowadays, tattoos are becoming a fashion. After a few days of tattoos, many people feel that the design may have been altered or that the tattoo might have been needed. However, clearing it all up and getting a fresh tattoo is a little more challenging. So, tattooing is something that needs to be done with great care. Similarly, how to get rid of a Permanent Tattoo is a bit of a concern.

How to remove tattoos from your body? – Limitation

Tattoo ink is a complex product consisting of insoluble pigments, in particular, a binder and solvent-containing fluid, additives aimed at stabilizing pigments, and preservatives to prevent product contamination. So be careful, some tattoos are hard to remove due to their size, location, the color of the ink used (white, deep purple, or yellow) or their thickness.

How to remove tattoos from your body?- The conventional method.

The Q Switch Laser has been the most widely accepted and accepted method in the last twenty years for tattoo removal without damaging the skin. This can be costly and require a long time consultation.  There are several types of lasers, depending on the color you want to clear; some may erase the red and black well, while yellow or white are currently laser-cleared.

A new generation of lasers called picoseconds has recently arrived in France. More efficient and faster, they are also more expensive and some centers are equipped with them for this time.

A cream for small areas

For those who want to erase a small tattoo, there is another option: tattoo removal cream, which will gradually expel tattoo pigments on the surface of the skin

This cream contains ingredients found in some food and cosmetic products such as zinc oxide, magnesium oxide, calcium oxide, n-propanol, and benzoic acid. But this method does not yield the same results as laser treatment.

How to remove tattoos at home.

Although it is not easy to remove tattoos on body parts, there are ways to clear tattoos in small areas at home.

The only downside to this method is that it can take a little longer, though these methods at home are effective. However, the biggest advantage is that it has no side effects. So we can confidently apply these home remedies.

Let us see what are the techniques.

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How to remove tattoos at Home using Honey, aloe vera, salt, and yogurt

How to remove tattoos at Home

The aloe vera gel, honey, salt, and yogurt can be used to remove tattoos on the body. Once the tattooed part is clean, apply this mix on top and massage the part with it. By doing this regularly, the color of the tattoo gradually diminishes and disappears.

How to remove tattoos at Home using Salt and lemon juice.

How to remove tattoos at Home

Mix well with salt and lemon juice and rub on the tattoo area. Doing it regularly for at least ten minutes a day slowly reduces the color of the tattoo. Use a cotton swab to apply it to your tattoo.

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