Tamil Nadu Map – you can download the Tamilnadu district map, Tamilnadu Outline map, Tamilnadu City map, Tamilnadu road map, Tamilnadu river map and Tamilnadu administration map in pdf format and use for school and college projects.

 Tamil Nadu Map – District

Tamil Nadu has 33 districts. Thirunelveli is the largest district and Chennai is the smallest district in Tamil Nadu.

The total area of Tamil Nadu 130058sqkm.Population density is 555/km2

Tamil Nadu District map.

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 Outline Map


Tamil Nadu map outline

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 City Map


 City Map

 Road Map


Tamil Nadu Road 

 River Map

Kaveri, Thamarabharani, Vaigai, Chittar, Manimuthar are the main rivers in Tamil Nadu.

TamilNadu map River

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Administrative division Map

TN Map Administrative divisions

Tamil Nadu Administrative Divisions

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